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The Uncle Remus Museum

THE UNCLE REMUS MUSEUM  is located in Turner Park, three blocks south of the courthouse on Highway 441 in Eatonton, Georgia, birthplace of Joel Chandler Harris.

The museum is a log cabin made from two original Putnam County slave cabins. The building is similar to the one occupied by Uncle Remus, the lovable character made famous by Mr. Harris. Colorful scenes in each of the windows depict the countryside of a southern plantation during the ante-bellum days. Shadow boxes containing delicate wood carvings of "de critters" capture the other world of Uncle Remus. The focal point of the cabin is a large portrait of Uncle Remus and the Little Boy.

A fireplace surrounded by mementos of the era occupy one end of the cabin. Evidences of the close affectionate relationship between the old man and his little friend are scattered about the fireside. Articles are authentic as to time and are mentioned in the stories.

First editions of many of Mr. Harris' works and numerous articles of interest occupy a counter near the center of the museum. Uncle Remus books and souvenirs can be purchased.

Turner Park, site of the museum, has been acquired by the organization. It was a part of the original home place of Joseph Sidney Turner, the "Little Boy" in the tales of Uncle Remus.

The museum is open daily 10 - 5. (Closed one hour for lunch).
Sunday hours are from 2 - 5.
Closed Tuesdays from November through March.

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